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Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Allowing every child:
To find hope where it is lost.
To enable love where it is forsaken.
To grow a future where theirs is neglected.
To encourage expectations where there is nothing.TOGETHER

Mission Statement

  • To offer integrity, honesty, the utmost professionalism and strength in God in all our services and decisions.
  • To be a functional link in society, connecting neglected and disadvantaged community sectors and the greater social citizenry, in order to provide appropriate opportunities for ALL to define and address their needs - whether it is to become involved with THE POTATO FOUNDATION as a volunteer, or to gain support and assistance from THE POTATO FOUNDATION.
  • To provide accessible and informative assistance to organisations/projects/caregivers as well as corporate/business clients in order to facilitate a network of effective support and social responsibility.
  • To source appropriate projects where the capacity of THE POTATO FOUNDATION could be optimised.
  • To provide focused and strategic input into all organisations/projects identified, and to apply our minds to find practical solutions which would maximise the benefit to the identified organisation/project.